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Nunca es tarde para sonreír, llámenos y realice su consulta.

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Nunca es tarde para sonreír, llámenos y realice su consulta.

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Es un excelente profesional. Hace casi 15 años que me atiendo con él y le tengo extrema confianza. Es técnicamente excelente, muy conservador en sus opiniones y medidas a tomar y transmite mucha tranquilidad y contención. Siempre está disponible para responder dudas o consultas.

Julieta de RuggieroExcelente profesionalDoctor Aliar

I cannot say enough good things about Dental Palermo. My experience with Dr. Sorrentino was one of the most informative and helpful dental experiences I have ever had. As a non Spanish speaking tourist with a toothache in a foreign country , I was at a loss as to where and how to get help. After searching the internet and seeing the reviews on this website I took my chances and made an appointment. What an incredible experience! I cannot recommend Dr. Sorrentino highly enough – thorough, reasonably priced and extremely knowledgeable – plus, he speaks English.

Annie AddamsInformative and

Affordable and pleasant, highly recommended! I had an excellent visit with Dr. Sorrentino, who I found through online reviews. He’s professional, thorough, and likable. When I called him to do a cleaning, he was available to receive me within the week to first do an analysis and then determine next steps based on my needs. He made his analysis very easy to understand, provided a thorough cleaning with clean and modern tools, and followed up with great info for properly maintaining my teeth. Great experience overall.

Gastón BlanchetHighly recommended!

El mejor dentista de Buenos Aires sin duda alguna! Lo conocimos cuando fuimos con una urgencia mientras estabamos de vacaciones en Buenos Aires, su trabajo fué excelente y alabado por los profesionales del Reino Unido!

Diana García H.Excelente trabajoDoctor Aliar

Porque se ocupa del paciente en todos los aspectos, desde la atención, la impecabilidad de su trabajo, el tiempo que le dedica al paciente y por sobre todo me dio opciones de recuperar dientes en estado lamentable sin tener que sacrificarlos. El mejor dentista que tuve. Muy recomendable.

Alejandro AgnettiMuy recomenableDoctor Aliar

Really the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve been to many. The level of technology and expertise that Dr. Sorrentino has in his office really blows away any other dentist I’ve seen in Canada. I would probably make a bi-annual trip to Buenos Aires just to get my teeth cleaned from him. While not particularly cheap for Argentina, it’s WAY cheaper than anything you’ll find in North America or Europe with technology they’ve never even heard of. Dr. Sorrentino correctly identified a gum problem (that had been misdiagnosed by numerous other dentists) and was able to give me what seems like brand new teeth in a matter of months. My mouth feels like it’s brand new. I would recommend anyone looking for the highest quality dental service on a budget to go see my good friend Claudio.

Anthony GaspariniAmazing dentist!

I am extremely well pleased. I unexpectedly needed extensive work. Dr. Sorrentino clearly explained what was necessary, prepared a detailed plan of treatment and provided outstanding care from start to finish.  Permanent Bridge. Prosthetic. Replace damaged fillings.

Harry SpectorExtremely well

I spent some time searching online for a dentist in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I normally live in the States, but was living in Argentina for 6 months. I found Dr. Sorrentino through several online reviews. I was so pleased with my visit. The office is clean and professional. We had an initial consultation and after looking through my x-rays he emailed me a detailed treatment plan. During the consultation he took photos of the areas on my teeth that needed work and explained in detail what was going to be done. I like to ask a lot of questions. I never felt rushed or misinformed when speaking with Dr. Sorrentino. He was very patient and took the time to make sure I understood the information he was telling me. I had several cavities filled, my teeth filled from a receding gum line, and sealant. I felt very comfortable throughout my visits. Dr. Sorrentino was very thorough and is a dentist you can trust. My teeth feel great.

Marina WagemakerMy teeth feel

Dr Sorrentino, who is fully bilingual, took the time to give a full, concise explanation of my immediate problem of a dislodged crown. Included in his consultation, he overviewed other important foreseeable dental health problems. He promptly emailed me photos of the problem areas with comment/suggestions requiring my attention. I came out of his office empowered, knowing just what needs priority on my return. I wish he was my regular Dentist! 

Emilio LastarriaMinor reconstructive of adjacent premolar & cementing molar crown

Mi experiencia en Dental Palermo ha sido más que satisfactoria. En primer lugar por la atención especializada y humana del Dr. Sorrentino. Transmite seguridad, sus palabras son precisas, explica hasta el mínimo detalle los tratamientos a realizar. Eso hace que uno se sienta relajado, porque conoce exactamente la experiencia que va a vivir. Es un ambiente desde donde la asepcia hasta el clima de confort que brinda  hace del tratamiento médico un momento placentero. Puntualidad. Jamás tuve que esperar a nadie en mi turno, porque se planifica con eficiencia el tiempo que demoran los tratamientos. El trabajo que me ha hecho, es una verdadera artesanía.

Mirta BarattoExcepcionalGoogle places

I highly recommend Dr Claudio Sorrentino. I found him to be extremely capable, thorough, and honest. I found his diagnostic tools to be better than what I received in the USA as he used what I believe is laser technology as well as X-rays&photos. he was very patient and took time to explain the condition of my teeth & gums and treatment options as well as what I should do to keep up good dental hygiene. Prices fair given the high quality of his services and materials used. I had composite fillings done +. I am leaving buenos aires too soon to do all of what I need done, so he helped me decide what made sense to do here and what I should wait to do in the USA. Dr Sorrentino speaks excellent English and was very nice and knowledgable. I was lucky to find him!

Judy CarsonLucky to find him!

I was extremely pleased with Dr. Claudio Sorrentino. It was the most pleasant dental experience I’ve had. I needed to replace 2 metal amalgam fillings with white resin composite. Dr. Claudio was extremely accommodating and even took me on a public holiday as I only had a few days in Buenos Aires. He was very professional and I would highly recommend him

Noreen EvansExtremely

In the last 30 years I’ve had three dentists in the USA and Dr. Sorrentino was every bit as good as the best of them. What was really great was the minimal amount of paperwork and overhead. Dr. Sorrentino’s command of the english language was superior to the average citizen of the USA. I apologize for the insult, it was better than that.  I will say the work I had done was extensive and the price was fair.

Gregg FerryI was pleased with the
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