It is an effective and modern orthodontic system for tooth alignment and that is done in an almost invisible way. The aligners that are used are transparent and removable and they line your teeth gradually and in a very comfortable way. The simplicity of the system is possible thanks to the sophisticated technology used in the design and development process. Keep smiling combines diagnosis and treatment plan sent by your orthodontist KS who is certificated by the company, with advances in computer technology 3D.CAD/CAM.

The aligning plates are used 22 hours a day for three weeks. Then discarded and replaced with a new set. Each new set of plates brings the next move. Thus, the teeth are moving gradually and progressively until perfect alignment.

What are the advantages of Keep Smiling? Keep Smiling is comfortable. Its use is pleasant and enjoyable thanks to the quality and flexibility of the materials they are made of. It is transparent and very aesthetic, virtually unseen. Keep Smiling is removable. You remove the aligners for meals and for brushing and flossing your teeth. Keep Smiling does not interfere with your lifestyle.

Does Keep Smiling Interfere with my speech? Sometimes the plates may produce a temporary and very subtle lisp for a day or two in some patients. However, as your tongue gets used to the plates in the mouth, these alterations in pronunciation disappear.

How long does the Keep Smiling treatment last? As other options, the duration of treatment vary depending on the complexity of the case. However, in cases completed to date, treatments with Keep Smiling have been completed in approximately the same amount of time as other alignment options in dental treatments. During your first visit, the dentist KS can estimate the duration of their treatment, as well as respond to any other questions you may have.